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Real Estate Agent with Passion

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About me

Since entering professional life in 2005, I have been captivated by the activity as a broker of real estate and properties. From the recording or appraisal of a property, to marketing, customer contact, upcoming viewing appointments and to the successful conclusion for all parties involved – the 360° service in the real estate industry inspires me every day since then. 


Social interaction has played an important role in my life since my youth. 

Therefore, in my free time I participate in various club activities such as youth groups or musical bands. I also enjoy playing sports. Whether playing soccer, mountain biking, tennis or hiking – you rest, you rust. As in my professional life, an active lifestyle determines my everyday life. 


And after work I like to meet in one of the numerous cafés in Brunico/Bruneck for a "Ratscher" chat with my family, friends, customers or business partners.   

Professional Career


Born in Brunico/Bruneck

Raised & living in S. Giorgio/St Georgen near Brunico       

Secondary school in Brunico with Matura degree


Account manager at a real estate agency in Brunico


Participation Wifikurs real estate agents in Bolzano/Bozen

Graduation diploma real estate agent with registration in the   

Broker directory of the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano


Takeover of the management of a real estate agency with

various seats in South Tyrol

Shareholder in various property development companies


Participation in the Wifikurs in Innsbruck – module real estate agent


Diploma in Real Estate Bokerage, Austria


Foundation of immoco in August 2022

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